Luxius paving downlight

Into a translucent sheet of satined 3mm white glass
is an optical calculated crystal as floating
deployed, which is directing the light like a downlight in a
38 ° cone downwards. The light source simultaneously generates
at its focus a glare-free, smooth, direct light by the translucent glass.
Die glass plate is frameless deployed with a bayonet clasp
in the lamp body.

Socket G9 for lamps QT14 max. 60W 230V
Socket GY6, 35 for lamps QT12 max. 50W 12V / 230V transformer
Socket PGJ9 for lamps CDMtm 20W 230V / EVG
Dimensions: D = 185, H = 29, DA = 190, ET = 67mm

Variant with T5-FC ring shape fluorescent lamp 22W
Dimensions: D = 300, H= 29, DA = 305, ET= 67mm

Design: Achim Jungbluth

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