lightpole 2500mm

O-AX Light Pole 2500mm / 3000mm

Light control and efficiency determine form and function. The inherent stability of the CO-AX profile allows the operation of up to 8 CO-AX spotlights in a maximum height of 2500 / 3000mm. The precisely defined cone of light with high luminance can be aligned separately and highlight so selected objects by light accents even in a bright ambient light. The CO-AX lightpole is ideally suitable for exhibitions, gastronomy and spacious living areas. The stand with integrated 240/12V 300VA transformer and stainless steel outriggers ensure stability. The CO-AX profile is made of brass nickel plated, brushed matt made optional. The foot is made of powder-coated steel and brushed stainless steel.

Power max. 300W
= 4 x 75W
= 5 x 60W
= 6 x 50W
= 8 x 35W

Design: Achim Jungbluth

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